Below is the ministry report for our ministry outreach on India. I am over seeing a Pastor in India and together we over see a number of Pastors and ministries. Your generous support makes these changed lives a reality. Donate here


Praising Report of Bethel Ministry

Indra Colony, **********, Amritsar Punjab



Bethel Bible School

We thank and Praise God that Bible school is going well by the grace of God. Even though the situation here is getting worse because of Covid-19. Corona patients are growing everyday   Still the Bible school is going well and God has protected each one of the Bible school students and as well as my family. because my whole family is involved the Bible School.

It is very hot here, temperature is around 44 degree to 46 degree Celsius. (111 – 114 Fahrenheit) Electricity is mostly off. One time three days and nights electricity was off, it was so hot nobody could sleep properly.

Dear Pastor Greg Young we have bought the new Inverter and battery for orphans Children and second hand(Used) Generator for the Bible School students. Thank You Pastor Greg for you Concern and supporting for Buying these.











Bible school classes are going regularly and students are learning and going out for praying and sharing the Gospel with others.

Bethel Ministry is grateful to Pastor Greg Young, family, and all the ministry friends for praying, Supporting and standing with vision to reach out the India with the message of Gospel.


Church Planters of Jammu and Kashmir

Dear Pastor Greg Young last month we had supported 23 church planters of Jammu and Kashmir. They all are doing good with their families. None of them are affected with Covid-19. But they are struggling financially due to the Government rule because in India there cannot gather people more than 5 at one place. Churches are shut down.










Church Planters of Punjab.

******** District’s Pastors meeting, pastors were so blessed and healed by the Power of God when Pastor Greg Young prayed. All glory to God.









Dear Pastor Greg Young, this is the meeting with Political leaders, really God touched them all with your testimony and the Word that you shared from the Bible, We praise God that one Gangster was touched and believed in Christ and today I went at his home and gave him Bible. Political leaders meeting happened time.









Dear Pastor Greg Young this is the Pastors meeting at ********, it was so blessed and many pastor were healed  in this meeting. One pastor who was suffering from back pain, he was healed instantly while you prayed, one pastor who was suffering with stone in his bladder, and he was having lot of pain and God touched him and stone was disappeared very next day. Another pastor was having lot of pain in his right arm, God touched him and healed instantly. One pastor whose left ear was leaking, praise God when you were praying Pastor Greg, he was healed. All the Pastors were given Rs.500  as a offering in this Covid-19. All glory to God








Dear Pastor Greg Young this is the pastors meeting at Pakistan and India Border where we played your recorded Video with Testimony and Word of God. Here all were so blessed and God touched pastor ****** who was using hearing machine, God touched him and healed him instantly. There was pastor ********** who was having stomach severe pain while he was sitting in meeting, God touched and healed him. Pastor ******** whose diabetes level was heavy in meeting itself but when you prayed Pastor Greg, his diabetes level is normal till today and so more were touched and healed. And all pastors were Given Rs. 500 as a offering. All Glory to God.  










Dear Pastor Greg This is the Pastors meeting at ******* District. It was so blessed pastors meeting, many were touched and healed, Pastor ****  *****was having heart problem because of that he was having pain, but in pastors meeting God touched him and healed. Pastor ***** was suffering with a pain in throat and thinking that he has corona, but in meeting God touched him and healed. Pastor**** he was suffering with knees pain, God touched him and healed. Many more were touched and healed while you prayed Pastor Greg.











Dear Pastor Greg we have celebrated the Birthday of three our orphans girls together. Thank for praying and supporting the Orphans here in Punjab.












Dear Pastor Greg young thank you very much for helping the poor and starving people of Punjab. We are praying for you, family, Radio Ministry and all ministry Friends who have been praying and supporting the Bethel Ministry.

Special Note:




Dear Pastor Greg Young We are so blessed to have you as our Spiritual Father ,mentor and overseer of the Bethel Ministry India.

We are thank and Praise God for you Pastor Greg for praying and Supporting the Bethel Ministry fully. We are so blessed to do the ministry under your leadership.

We all are praying for you, Your family, Radio Ministry and ministry friends who have been giving sacrificially for the mission work of India.

If the Spirit of God puts in your heart to support the Bethel Ministry than you can directly Contact Pastor Greg Young. God bless you

Yours in His Vineyard

Pastor Samuel Soni and family






Dear Friends

It is amazing what God is doing. As I sit in my wheel chair and share my testimony of what God has done and fight through the pain to get up each day and to do the radio show and all that entails. Then to prepare to preach to these wonderful people in India and to hear how that is inspiring them to do more in their communities to share love and the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Miracles are accompanying every meeting that we have and revival is breaking out in these communities. Please consider making a contribution to help feed the starving. Jesus said, when I was hungry you fed me and when I was thirsty you gave me drink. They asked, when did we do this? Jesus answered when you did it to the least of these. God bless you!

Pastor Greg

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