Here is a novel idea

Office of the Governor Greg Abbott

follow the platform we voted for you to enforce. Secure the Border!

Stop paying illegals to come to Texas
Stop the free medical handouts to illegals
Let Texans defend themselves by passing constitutional carry
Enforce the Texas Constitution that says marriage is between a man and a woman.
Open churches and defend the free exercise of religion guaranteed in both constitutions.
Stop trying to put mandatory home imprisonments on the people of Texas and shutting down businesses, thus violating the provisions for Life, Liberty and the pursuit of happiness.
Eliminate state property grabs by canceling state property Taxes and institute a flat consumption tax.
Defend voter integrity with voter ID laws and only Texans vote in Texas.
Most importantly defend the defenseless. Use the 10th Amendment and declare the killing of babies illegal in Texas.
Texans will go to war over these issues if needs be, but we will no longer abide a weak, cowardly, self serving, immoral (Romans 1 they who condone it are guilty of it), spineless , oath breaking, freedom usurping fake demagogue to try to take away our rights.
From my wheel chair to yours!