Dear Friends!!


Thank you for your prayers. I am in real need of your financial assistance as I have limited resources but I know that God has unlimited and He has made you stewards of some of that. We are seeing amazing miracles in India. We are feeding the starving and we are encouraging and supporting Pastors throughout Punjab, Jammu and Kashmir, so they can share the Gospel and bring hope. India is on lock down and factories are not opened. China, Nepal, Afghanistan and Pakistan are all attacking India, and we as a Christian nation have a tremendous opportunity to support the advancement of the Gospel while defending the only Democracy in that region.

I want to share these wonderful praise reports with you. Due to security reasons I am omitting the names of the Pastors but including their amazing stories.

Today in Pastors’ meeting there was a pastor’s wife and her name is ******* and she was suffering of Passing urine since one week and doctor told her that you have Kedney problems and you have be admit in hospital and may be you would be operated but pastor Greg after shared your testimony and shared from the Word of God ,you prayed for sick God touched her and she ran in toilet and passed urine. All Glory to God

Testimonies Pastors meeting 1. God healed a pastor who has been suffering from right leg pain, he was sitting in pastor meeting and having sever pain since three years after Accident and when Pastor Greg you prayed God touched him and healed him instantly. All Glory to God.

2. God healed pastor ***** ****** who was not able to hear from one ear since 6 years and never shared this anyone, but when pastor Greg prayed God touched him and he started hearing instantly from that ear. All Glory to God

3. Pastor **** ******* was suffering from Neck pain since three months and when Pastor You prayed God touched him and healed him instantly. All Glory to God.

4. Pastor *** was suffering from Back pain since one year God touched him and healed him instantly right after you prayed Pastor Greg.

Pastor ***** He was having itching problems and always itching on him right hand and arm, feeling so shy to share with anyone but when Pastor Greg you prayed God healed him instantly. All Glory to God.

Pastor *** *** was suffering from fever since two weeks and he fearing that he might have got Corona but When prayed God touched him and he was healed and got freed from fear of Corona. All Glory to God.

Today pastor ****  he was healed because he was not able to digest the food, whenever he eating something he was vomiting and but after prayer he ate dinner and he did not vomit and just now I got call from him that he is perfectly alright. All Glory to God.

Pastor **** ***** was suffering from the pain of backbone because three yeas ago he fall from the roof and he was always having pain in backbone since than but when you prayed Pastor Greg God healed him instantly. All Glory to God

I am preparing to minister again this Sunday and I need to send as much as I can to help them to feed the hungry and to share the gospel. Will you please make a donation today?

Even in the midst of this shutdown we have orphans to feed and bible students too, in addition to the community outreach and the Pastors.











As you can see we are doing much work, but there is so much need. Thank you for you prayers and support. God bless you!!

One last testimony, as I was praying this past week God by His Spirit whispered in my ear to pray for Businessman. I was praying for a room full of Pastors in India is all I knew, but out of obedience which I have learned and preach I prayed as instructed. I was later told that a businessman in the meeting heard that prayer and immediately felt God move him to bless those Pastors.  I am praying for you as you read this and I believe that God will move on your hearts as well and I pray the fulfillment of your hearts Godly desires as you sew into this ministry you will reap. In Jesus name Amen!


In His service


Pastor Greg