I wanted to give you an update on our outreach to India. We continue to receive favor as we are feeding the starving and those that the Government in India can not reach and they are grateful. We thank the local authorities for their kindness towards us.

Dear Pastor Greg We are so blessed in Pastors meeting and God blessed us with you testimony and Word of God. We supported pastors and each pastor was supported with Rs.1500. God touched the us and healed many pastors. We thank and Praise God for you Pastor Greg to pray and to support the pastors and all the ministry in India. We all are praying for you, family, Radio Ministry and Ministry Friends who have been praying and supporting the ministry in India. God bless you Samuel


Thank you for your support. We need to raise more funds to be able to reach these areas with the Gospel. We have an incredible opportunity to reach Pujab, Jammu and Kashmir with the Soul Saving message. By supporting the local Pastors and feeding the poor we are sharing the love of God and because of a projector and computer we bought before the shut down we can project my Skype image into these meetings and I can preach to them encouraging them and sharing the Power of God. Here is my latest message.

You can hear Pastor Samuel translating. Please make a contribution today so we can continue this weekend! Donate here

I want to emphasize how significant this is for America. China, Nepal, Afghanistan and Pakistan are all attacking India right now. Within the country there is a division among Sikh, Muslim and Hindu’s with the Hindu’s in charge of the Government and pressing for Hindu Nationalism. While that push might initially seem bad there is also an opening for Christianity in India despite the persecution.

Here in America we are under siege within our own borders by Marxists and leftist progressives and by Technocrats. BLM and Antifa are arms of the enemies of our nation. However, Americans are waking up to this and they do not want to give up their freedoms and their hope so easily. As America regains her footing she will be faced with foreign threats as well.

Islam is one of those threats, but China probably poses the greatest threat. China has allied itself with Iran and now apparently Turkey. This is why they are attacking India, because India would be a natural ally with the USA. That brings me back to why evangelizing India right now is so important from a National Security perspective as well as saving souls. India with its Democratic style government is a perfect ally for us, and if by our love and generosity we have a foothold with locals and their Pastors, then we also have a national impact. SO please help me as we have a bible school and trained ministers that are ready and are already boots on the ground. We just need your donations to make this happen. Click here and support the future of America and the people of India! Let’s fulfill the great commission in India!


Pastor Greg