Dear Friends


Below is the Praise Report from our ministry in India. At the bottom of this letter is some important information about what is happening there:


Praising Report of Bethel Ministry Covid -19

Indra Colony, Majitha Road, Amritsar Punjab-143001

Mob.09888341390, 0183-2571390


  1. Bible School

 Bethel Bible School is going well in the midst of Covid-19 , in bible school all the students are doing well. By the grace of God nobody was affected in Bible School.

Now in Punjab Government has given  relaxcition in lockdown, from 7am to 7pm there is no lockdown but 7pm to 7am there is lockdown but Saturday and Sunday its full lockdown. Market is opening turn wise. Some shops are opened one day and some opened next day.

Classes in Bible school are going well. We are following social distancing. Bible school students are doing regularly chain prayers.

I thank and praise God for God’s provision for Bible School Living like food and necessary expenses.

Bethel Ministry is so grateful to you Pastor Greg Young, family, Radio Ministry and all our ministry friends   for your regular sacrificial support for the Bible school continually throughout the Covid-19 . Bethel Ministry Thank and Praise God for Pastor Greg Young for doing a big ministry in India as well as in USA. We are full under Pastor Greg leadership and working togather in India for the glory of God.



Church Planting Ministry

Thank and Praise God that Bethel Ministry supported 65 pastors, 23 pastors in Jammu and Kashmir and 42 pastors in Punjab financially all Pastors, their families and their Churches of Punjab and Jammu Kashmir are doing well, they are regularly in touch and sending the updates of their situation. We are so grateful to Pastor Greg Young for supporting the Pastors, Bible School and Orphans Children. We all are so blessed to hear from Pastor Greg and blessed to have a spiritual leader like Pastor Greg.





Amritsar Pastors Meeting                                                                                                              Gurdaspur Pastors meeting





Bethel Ministry has been distributing grocery both in Punjab and  Jammu Kasmir with the prayers and support of Pastor Greg Young, his family, Ministry  friends who have been giving funds for starving people. We all are praying for you Pastor Greg, Radio Ministry and  all ministry friends with Pastor Greg  that God bless you, your family, your Jobs and your giving hands and protect you in His blood. Amen





















Special note, if the Spirit of God leads you to get involved in the Ministry that we are doing in India than you can contact freely and directly to Pastor Greg Young.



















We are so grateful to those who are giving to this effort. India is surrounded by China, Nepal, Pakistan and Afghanistan. China has invaded at Ladakh which is in the mountain range just to the east of our Pastors in Jammu and Kashmir. Pakistan is attacking and they border our main ministry base in the State of Punjab. Fortunately Amristar also known as the City of the Golden Temple is east of the shelling . With war raging at all borders and the country reeling from COVID 19 outbreaks they are back under a lock down. They are able to go out during the week from 7 am to 7 pm however all the factories are closed and the day laborers are unable to find work. They are on a total lock down during the weekend with no markets open. The Christian Churches are not able to meet so the Pastors have to do their ministry during the week and they are not allowed to have more than 10 at any gathering. In Addition to this, as I have shared before the Sikh, Muslims and Hindus all have threatened our Christian Pastors as they are all converts to Christianity and all our among the lowest caste. So as you can imagine the Pastors have no income and the church people are struggling as well. We have been sending what we can in an effort to help. I have been speaking to the Pastors via Skype as before the lock down we were able to purchase a computer and a projector to hold the meetings. Any help you can give would be greatly appreciated. You can donate here.

Thank you again for your support. If you would like to help me with my monthly medical needs please let me know and I will share that information with you. God bless you!


Pastor Greg