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Dear Friends

As you are aware I have been asked by Pastor Samuel Soni to over see his work and to be his mentor. This means he comes to me with plans and strategies and we pray together for the Lord’s guidance and direction. It also means that I send him support for the ministries we are involved in there in India. We have churches in Punjab, Jemmu and Kashmir. In Armristar we have our base operation, consisting of a Bible School where we prepare the Pastors that we send out, an orphanage and a sewing school. I have been ministering to the Pastors that are out in the work field for many months now and have prayed with the orphans. I have taken a tour around as Samuel held his phone to show me around the facilities. As I am sure you are also aware the CCP Virus (Yes I refer to it as the Chinese Communist Party Virus CCP Virus) has impacted the entire world. India is on a total lock down. Samuel reports that the police are beating anyone caught out at the wrong time. The grocery stores are open from 5 to 11 AM and then closed. The Pharmacies are the only other stores open and then the medical facilities.

SO why I am writing to you and what is so urgent. Well let me just come straight out with it. I am currently unable to send anything to the work in India. In fact this week I am having to withdraw from the Wilkins Broadcasting Network as I can not pay the bill. There is an URGENT NEED in India as the orphans and the bible students are out of food. They had a biscuit for breakfast this morning and that is all there is. I realize that we are all trying to stay healthy and feed our families and that cash is tight right now. I also know that God is bigger than our situation. I am, out of obedience, sending this letter in hopes that someone seeing it might have the ability to help and perhaps to find some new regular supporters for the ministry. I thank you for your prayers and for reading this and listening to the program. Be sure to check out our listen page for podcast options.

These are the India needs:

India Project

Current Needs:

– Pastors need bicycles 10
– Churches need drums for worship, carpets for the people to sit on. 15 each.
– Bibles 250
– Cost 100,000 Rupees $1300
– Laptop and projector so Pastor Greg can preach to the people in India and to the Pastors. $600
– We need to finish the orphans home in Amristar Punjab India Flooring on second floor and the doors and windows $600
– Total $2500
***Monthly we need $600 a month for pastors salaries, orphans food and schooling.
Mail Donation:
Family Christian Center
P.O. Box 3393
Bandera, Texas 78003
You can make a donation online by clicking the banner below:

In His Service and for His Glory 
Pastor Greg


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